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What Data Analytics Can Tell You About Your Prescription Benefits

with Debbie Partsch, PharmD, Director of Partner Development, Innovu

Dates: January 25, 2017
Location: The Lancaster Chamber/Southern Market Center
100 S. Queen Street, Lancaster, PA
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Cost: $15 BGH Members / $30 Non-Members
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In today’s world, every other commercial on both radio and TV is for a new drug designed to improve your health or increase your lifespan. The newspapers are full of stories of opioid abuse and addiction and price hikes for life-saving medications such as insulin and Epi-pen. How do you manage these new miracle drugs and protect your plans from over prescribing and escalating costs? These questions particularly relevant when you consider the cost of prescription benefits has increased to over 30% of the total medical spend and predicted to go higher.

We at the Business Group on Health are cognizant of your need to understand the why’s and how’s of these increases and also to get a better handle on the complicated plan designs now used to help control costs. Join us as our new data analytics partner, Innovu shares with us critical information about what your data can tell you about the pharmacy benefits you offer to your employees. What are the trends? How do you establish your formularies? What is being done to control fraud and abuse under your plan? Should you consider a platform to help you understand your plans? What kind of data should you be able to glean from your data analytics platform? Learn the questions you need to ask of your Pharmacy Benefit Manager and your carrier to ensure your employees have access to the medicines they need in the most cost-effective manner possible. Come share your experience and concerns with other area employers as we tackle this complex topic.

What will you learn?
• Updated approach to managing pharmacy benefits
• Best Practices and shared successes
• Key areas of concern

Who should participate?
Any Human Resources Professional, particularly those responsible for the company’s health benefit plans, health plan brokers and consultants, and financial officers responsible for benefit decisions.


2017 Healthcare Legislative/Legal Update

with Stephen R, Kern and Eric N. Athey, McNees, Wallace and Nurick, LLC

Dates: February 23, 2017
Location: The Lancaster Country Club
1466 New Holland Pike, Lancaster, PA
Time: 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Cost: $45 BGH Members / $75 Non-Members
Registration: Save the Date!  Registration will open in January

Developing an effective employee benefit plan and managing it prudently requires constant vigilance. Changes in employee demographics can impact costs, while shifts in regulatory requirements can increase complexity.

As an employee benefit plan sponsor or other plan fiduciary, you have a primary responsibility to ensure that the plan that is in place fully complies with all applicable rules and regulations, from federal and state labor departments as well as from the IRS.

Join us on Thursday, February 23, 2017 as the experts from McNees, Wallace and Nurick, LLC discuss the issues and priorities related to healthcare legislation and current regulations. Stephen Kern and Eric Athey will be on hand to address all of our benefit questions and concerns. As always, their emphasis will be on understanding the practical implications of the laws of the land and the key strategies that immediately can be implemented to deal with them efficiently and effectively.